Tuesday, 17 November 2015

YSL Kiss and Love.

Aren't the lovely? You know what, I've always wanted to have a lipstick embossed with a lipstick on it. Well I haven't, not until I knew YSL was making them and then I realised what I'd been missing. Baby lipstick kisses on a lipstick? I die. 

It's part of a bigger collection, but the lipsticks are the only ones that spoke to me. There's a red, a fuchsia, an orange and a nude. You know about my long-standing love of oranges, so I went for that and then I grabbed the nude because I am partial to a good nude... lipstick. Ooh er. The two of them together are a mini lipstick wardrobe of sorts, which I like. You could, in theory, have all of your lipstick needs met. I obviously don't, but a normal person might be happy with these two. 

Le Nude is a beige that looks a little rosy on the lips, and doesn't wash out the complexion. Potential wedding day lipstick...? Le Orange is just my kind of shade. Pigmented, bold and with lots of orange and the kind of shade that was made for blue eyes. I think it's interesting how they both make my face look so different - the makeup hasn't change except for the lips. 

The formula on these is the same - creamy when first applied, before settling down a bit to a satin finish. Not particularly drying on the lips, and lasts about 4 hours on me. Le orange lasts longer, and stains more. 

They're all still in stock in Debenhams - perfect Christmas fodder. 


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