Friday, 18 December 2015

5 product hangover face.

Following on from Tuesday's post on Christmas party makeup, today is all about that makeup for the morning after the night before... You know. When you wake up and you know you've made a huge mistake. Dry mouth, insatiable need for carbs, headache... Ugh, this will be tomorrow morning so pray for me. I've rounded up five products that should guide you through it... 

If you're in a rush and feeling fragile, the base is the way forwards. Just use your fingers, keep your eyes closed and hope for the best? The Charlotte Tilbs magic foundation (full review here) is so so good for making your skin look perkier though, I really love using it. For those extra rough mornings, a double concealer attack is a good idea. I'm back on the Benefit erase paste bandwagon, and it's so creamy and delicious. So brightening. I use it as more of a corrector, and then go over the top with the Urban Decay naked concealer when my under eye circles are particularly brutal. Quick sweep of MAC Dame blush and you're done.

When I'm feeling tired and crap, I always go for a bright lipstick because one quick swipe make it looks as though you've made a lot more effort instantly. One I go back to time and time again is MAC Flat out fabulous, because there's something special about this little lipstick that makes your whole face look brighter in seconds.

No time for eyes, and when I'm hungover the last thing I want to do is faff about with mascara and the like...

Here's to the party season... :)


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