Thursday, 17 December 2015

Kat Von D: The Liquid Lipstick Lowdown.

Can we have a collective moment of silence for my lips, who have been in a perpetual state of dryness since... forever. As a lip balm obsessive, I somehow get by, but my lipstick addiction has not been helped by the Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipsticks. They are just too good, and have that addictive quality about them that means you need them all. Right? Plus they're not readily available in the UK so they have that whole elusive thing going for them as well. Sephora is amazing to order from though.

These are long-lasting - they really are. They tend to fade off after eating, so they are not bullet-proof by any means. They do have a bit of transfer as well, but far less than a traditional lipstick. These particular lipstick do last beautifully on the lips - no flaking, no sore dryness and they are pretty comfortable to wear.

My shade recommendations - Lovesick. This might just be my wedding day lipstick, because I love the colour so much. Lolita. The cult classic, and the perfect everyday shade. Outlaw. A snow white red that doesn't smudge.

It's a toss up between these and the Jeffree Star ones, formula wise. The Kat Von D ones are slightly less drying, and therefore they do feel more comfortable on the lips.

I have been waiting for 84 years for Double Dare (mini rant - double dare was originally supposed to be called Rosemary's baby, which is obviously the best name for a lipstick ever ever ever, but Kat had to change it because of legal issue. Come on though, creepiest film! I love it) to come back in stock, and I've been eyeing up Nosferatu so maybe when those ones finally come back into stock I will add those to the family...


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