Sunday, 3 January 2016

BECCA brings the glow.

Can I make a beauty resolution to have the sparkliest skin ever everyday please?

I just did.

Maybe 2016 will be the year of the BECCA takeover on my blog, because I am so impressed with all of their products as of late, and love them for injecting some serious glow into my makeup. Apparently highlighting isn't enough for me, because I need to have a glow-enhancing primer and then maybe 18 layers of sparkle to make my skin have a slightly radioactive glow. 

Maybe for the name alone, the Backlight priming filter is a bit of a wonder product. It just gives skin a subtle boost and a skin-smoothing shimmer that manages to even everything out and give a soft-focus to the skin. I'm one step away from smearing vaseline over my face to make everything look so smooth, so this doing well for now. For a more hardcore alternative, the shimmering skin perfector in opal does the same thing but also adds a lot more light to the face as a little bonus. I used up a big bottle of the stuff, so I guess I'm a fan. 

Cream, powder or both? If you want to add some serious sheen, then layering the pressed powder over the poured cream highlighter makes the skin have that ethereal glow that is definitely appropriate to wear every single day. Yup. I have the shimmering skin perfector poured in opal, and then the shimmering skin perfector pressed in champagne pop. Both of these together are just all kinds of gorgeous. 

Have you tried any of the shimmering skin selection from BECCA yet?


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