Thursday, 25 February 2016

Beauty Bay - New in.

You know the drill.

I like liquid lipsticks, I have no willpower, and so on...

But ooh, pretty. New liquid lipsticks.

These were actually totally justified though, because Beauty Bay just started stocking Coloured Raine, and Sarah told me I needed them so I just went for it. I am obsessed with those elusive American liquid lipsticks, and I need them all. It's definitely a case of wanting what I know I can't have, but still. Coloured Raine is a brand I've seen on Instagram as well, so I needed to see what all the excitement was about. They have a lot of exciting shades (blues and greens!), and loads of nude mauve shades that I always gravitate towards. I went for two shades of the matte liquid paint - Mars and Classy. Mars is that sort of shade that is everywhere at the moment - a dirty rose, I would say. Leaning more towards the dirty side of the colour - this is so 90s I basically need to wear a choker necklace with it. It's not miles away from KVD Lolita, but a little darker. Classy is the sort of shade that makes me look a little bit dead. I don't know if this is the sort of colour I am going to wear a lot - I weirdly quite like it, but the longer it's on my lips the darker the shade gets. Hmm, the jury's still out on this particular shade. The formula of the matte liquid lip paints is pretty standard for a long-wearing liquid lip colour, and will make your lips feel a little dry after prolonged wear. I can go about 5 hours without needing to apply balm or touch up, which is pretty standard for me. 

While I was there I chucked in another of the Gerard cosmetic liquid lipsticks, in the shade Cher. I saw the lovely Charlee talk about this one, and I figured... yeah. While I'm here. Cher is a rosy mauve that is really pretty on - the formula of the Gerard cosmetics hydra matte lipsticks is incredibly long-lasting. 


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