Saturday, 20 February 2016

Five face brushes I use everyday.

Because the right brushes turn every day into a good makeup day.

It's true.

I have so many brushes (help me, my bedroom looks like a makeup shop), but there are five that I go back to everyday to make my makeup look as good as possible, as quickly as possible. I also use a beauty blender everyday, but I've talked about that so many times before and they do not photograph well...

Let's talk through the brushes in the order I use them... first up is the Morphe M439 buffing brush, which is the best for quickly smoothing in any base product (you can see my full post on that here). I tend to use it to blend in my concealer before foundation, and the coverage is so good that I end up using less foundation. Win win. It's also the dream for applying base makeup, because the brush doesn't tend to absorb product which means your base looks like a more polished, full coverage option with less effort. 

For dusting some powder all over, I love the Crown Brush deluxe powder dome brush, which is so big and so fluffy. I only tend to powder my t-zone, so this brush takes care of that in seconds because of its size. I like synthetic brushes because they wash so well and they're the softest.

For faking some cheekbone action, I use the Charlotte Tilbury powder and sculpt brush. I've used it every single day since I got it, and find it's the perfect shape to add some subtle definition to my face. It's also so soft that it blends everything out really nicely - it's just a bit of a no brainer brush that makes makeup much easier.

For blush, I find myself reaching for this Look Good, Feel Better blush brush over loads of more expensive ones, because it's the softest brush I've ever used - the dream. Like a baby kitten gently stroking your face. I also love the Look Good Feel Better campaign - they provide classes for people undergoing cancer treatment, and help people with tips for dealing with eyebrow loss for example. Each brush sold gives 12% of the sale to the charity. A really good brush, for a really good cause. 

When it comes to dusting some highlighter all over my face (I would say just my cheekbones, but who am I kidding?), I love the Real Techniques setting brush. It's teeny tiny, and picks up the ideal amount of product - love this. Also works well for setting under eye concealer - I have two. Ssh.


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