Friday, 5 February 2016

Post-shaving balm: A primer?

So, aftershave balm. Turns out, you don't have to shave your face to reap the benefits.

I've suddenly seen the Nivea primer everywhere, thanks to Nikki tutorials, and I had to try. Out of curiosity. Chris didn't even bat an eyelid when I asked him, so either he thinks I have a 5 o'clock shadow *nervously looks in mirror* or he's given up on my beauty obsessive ways. Hopefully the latter.

The nivea post shave balm (sensitive version only!) smells so manly, in a lynx sort of way which is not my thing at all. Get over the scent, and you're left with a very liquid moisturising primer - the secret is to rub it until it goes almost tacky, which I do with my fingers before applying. Then you smooth it over the skin, and foundation goes on much smoother afterwards and it really does last well as a primer. If you want big oil control, no. This is more for pro-longing, but I think if you wanted to minimise pores or blot oil a lot, this would not work out so well for you. It's currently only £3.50 at Superdrug, which is pretty amazing given that I can't see a difference between this and smashbox/too faced. Yeah, I know. SO good. 

Little rant about the primer and the cost of it. You get a huge 100ml which would last you such a long time, for such a little price. This is because it is aimed at MEN. Beauty products aimed at women always come in smaller amounts for a higher price tag. Like, what. Is it because men won't put up with the insane bullshit, and won't buy a moisturiser that has 50ml because you would run out fairly quickly? Yeah, think so. So as an aside to this review I would like the beauty industry to please stop overcharging women so much for products. I want 100ml of primer always.

What makes shaving balms so effective as a primer is the glycerin. Glycerin is an ingredient that attracts moisture to the skin, and when used in larger quanitiies it goes a bit tacky which is what makes it so brilliant as a makeup base because it essentially acts as a glue for makeup. When I use a primer, I either look for it to be long-wearing or illuminating, and I don't like heavy sillcione based, greasy primers that much. My favourite long-wearing primers are high in glycerine, so yeah! On to something. Glycerine, as an ingredient, smooths everything out and manages to make the products subsequently applied go on smoother and last longer. It's just like an extra boost of hydration, which stops any foundation from fading or going patchy.

I've also been testing out the Lotil original cream, which is equally as bargainous. Again, not keen on the smell of this one, but it's so sticky (and I mean that in the best way possible) that makeup just adheres to it really nicely. This one is much better for travelling, and doesn't make your face smell like a 15 year old's armpit.

Have you tried using a shaving balm as a primer?


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