Saturday, 6 February 2016

I've got my eye on: skincare.

Because Saturdays are for shopping!

I've got my eyes on four new skincare picks, and I think I need them all in my quest for perfect skin. Two cleansers (can never have enough cleansers), a mask and an oil should keep me going for a while... 

Firstly, I am really interested in Skyn Iceland. The brand seems really nice, and they have so many interesting products. Pick number one is the pure cloud cleanser, because it sounds dreamy. Just the name is enough to sell it for me. It just sounds like the nicest cream cleanser that would be perfect for my dry/dehydrated skin. Sounds like perfect second cleanse material. While I'm there I might as well go for the arctic face oil - 99.9% pure camelina oil sounds pretty lush, and as I use an oil twice a day I always like to have options. 

Another cleanser? Why not. I only have one face and it needs to be in tip top condition. I've been wanting to try Aurelia for the longest time, and the miracle cleanser sounds like it could be particularly lovely to use. All I know is that is has eucalyptus oil in, which is one of my favourite smells. Lastly, something I've been meaning to pick up for the longest time is the Oskia renaissance mask. I currently need a new exfoliating mask and this one sounds divine.

What's on your wish list at the moment?


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