Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Getting juicy with Lancôme.

Want to know what my number one prized possession was when I was 14? A Lancôme juicy tube. I had a pink strawberry one with the prettiest sheen and I would slick it on ten times a day. Um, how times have changed. The newest lip offering from Lancôme really intrigued me though - mini cocktail shakers with sheer and juicy colours. One of the most exciting things for me? The shades smell like the names! Cherry Symphony smells like cherry sweets, and the lime one smells like sour lime sweets (and so on!). So cool. 

I have two - Mint To Be and Cherry Symphony. I was bought Minty, and thank you so much Gemma for sending me the Cherry shade to try. 

Ok, so we're pretty much agreed that these are such a fun product - can you imagine being in a really bad mood and using one of these? You have to shake it like a cocktail shaker and then use the spongey applicator to dab the colour on - nothing serious about these! The marketing slogan, #BanTheBoring is so apt here. 

These juicy shakers are a great product to apply sans mirror, as they're so sheer it's hard to go wrong really. You can see the oil separation clearly on the blue shade - it really needs to be shaken quite vigorously before use. Mint To Be is incredibly sheer, and not blue at all on the lips - it works well over a lipstick shade to cool down the shade. Cherry Symphony (swatched on the lips above) makes your lips look like you've been eating ice lollies, and leaves behind a pretty stain. 

What do you think? Are you going to shake it on down to the Lancôme counter? :)



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