Friday, 22 April 2016

My fiancé explains what makeup is.

Surely my husband-to-be has picked up some of my knowledge about makeup?


Yeah, maybe not... I saw three of my favourite bloggers - Kirsty, Laura and Emmy post about this, and I knew I had to get Chris involved. He's waited around for me to finish doing my makeup a hundred times so I had assumed he had absorbed some knowledge, like a sponge. 

Primer - It's like a base, isn't it? For additional makeup to go on top of it.

Foundation - Wait, maybe foundation is the base. Well maybe foundation is the base layer so what is primer?!

Concealer - You can use it to hide dark circles and spots and that sort of thing.

Powder - Doesn't it, like, brighten your face?

Blusher - Makes your cheeks red. Not like a drunk, but like a subtle red. *throws away all blushers*

Highlighter - Adds a bit of details. Or like a burst of colour.

Contour - Enhances your cheekbones and gives you those fine ass cheeks. *what, please don't contour my bum*

Bronzer - Like tan for the face.

Mascara - Now that is for the eye line. Is it for the lashes?

Brow Gel - Gel for your eye brows. Self-explanatory.

Setting Spray - Helps makeup to set on your face.

Eye liner - Now that is definitely for the eye line. Enhances the eye line. *what's an eye line?* The bit around your eyes.

Corrector - To get rid of a mistake. You use a corrector like a rubber for the face.

Strobing - In what context? *It's a technique* Like strobe lighting? A technique that goes on and off really quickly. 

Back to makeup school we go...



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