Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Sheer and Matte?

Well isn't sheer and matte a bit of a juxtaposition?

The concept was so interesting that I had to immediately pick up two of the Bourjois Rouge edition souffle de velvets. To me, sheer typically equates to glossy and matte equates to full coverage and a pigmented finish so the mere existence of these blew my tiny makeup mind. 

The texture of these is so interesting... I'm not sure 100% how I feel. It's definitely very thick and has a mousse consistency which in my head would give an opaque finish so I do find it slightly confusing when you look in the mirror and see a much softer finish. The two shades I have - VIPeach and Ravei en Rose - are gorgeous. Perfect for spring, and so pretty and easy to wear. As they are sheer, I wouldn't say you need all of the shades - one or two is enough! 

The longevity of these is their weakest point, in my opinion. They last around 3/4 hours on the lips, and sadly do not survive through a hearty meal. I think if you like matte lips because of the way they don't move on the lips - these are not for you. If you like matte lips because of the almost powdery finish on the lips - these might just be for you. 



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