Thursday, 21 July 2016

Another week in lipsticks

Lipstick diaries might just be my favourite thing - can we talk about how predictable I am? My choices are all so similar, but I guess at least I'm consistent.

Thursday - Would it be a post from me if it didn't include a liquid lipstick? I really love the Lord and Berry lipstick in the shade Muse... the formula is nice and comfortable and the shade is just a nice neutral dusky pink. Can't go wrong. 

Friday - The star of the show from the Hot Lips collection is the Charlotte Tilbury Liv It Up. A gorgeous ballerina pink that makes me feel prettier when I wear it. 

Saturday - If you want a red for beginners, I would suggest Urban Decay Hitch Hike. It's not too red or bright but is almost a bit neutral. Super wearable, and really pretty. 

Sunday - My nude of the moment! MAC Give In

Monday - Another pink? I know, so shameful. If you want something rosy, then I would suggest Illamasqua Wanton

Tuesday - Yup, I'm still loving Kylie's Posie K. Overhyped, yes, but the shade of this one is really nice and I can't really fault the formula. I want one of the red ones, but I am not into the whole custom fee thing. 

Wednesday - I'm still obsessing over matte pink lips - I've been getting a lot of wear from Urban Decay Criminal. The comfort matte formula is insanely good - try it! - and this colour is a pretty warm pink that has been living in my bag.

What lipsticks have you been wearing lately? :)



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