Saturday, 16 July 2016

Being relatable versus being aspirational

Lately I've been wondering about where blogging is headed... when it all started out, the whole 'bedroom blogger' really was the main appeal. I mean in that blogs were far more raw and unedited than traditional media like magazines. I remember that the first blog I ever read was Zoella, and I remember reading about her hauls and dreaming of owning my own MAC lipstick. Um, times have changed.

The thing that I really enjoy about blogging though is how you can have more of a connection to the people behind them - with snapchat, Instagram, twitter... you can really feel like you know the person, which you never get with a magazine. With the bigger bloggers though, there is also that element of aloofness in the sense that they are internet celebrities in their own right, and everyone wants a piece. With the fame and success that comes with having a well-known blog, it's inevitable that things will shift - when you have to pay the bills with your content, then it's never going to be as organic as when

When it comes to my blog - I am by no means a big blogger. I don't blog full time, and I fit my hobby around my life. Does that mean I'm more relatable? I'm just a normal twenty-something with too many lipsticks - I don't buy designer handbags every week, and I don't go on holiday to 5* getaways every month. Lord knows I would if I could though! Trying to make my content glossier, slicker and have my photos more stylised - does that compromise my blogging integrity? I would blog full time if I had the opportunity, but if that did happen would I lose any chance I have of being a relatable person? Is the key to being successful mean that you have to shed away your unprofessional self? I can't really thing of any 'big' bloggers who haven't evolved over time (not that evolution is a bad thing, if you know what I mean!), but commercial partnerships rarely seem to produce the same quality in regards to heartfelt content. I just don't know! 

What do you think? Does a blog need to be more glossy to get noticed, or are things coming full circle?



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