Monday, 18 July 2016

New MAC lipsticks

Oops, I bought some more lipstick.

Turns out my new job is dangerously close to a MAC store, so a few lunchtime excursions resulted in three new additions. Oh well, c'est la vie. 

These are all from limited summer collections, but all equally recent - worth checking in store if you like the look of any of them. They all look rather complementary lined up as well, so I'm obviously going through some sort of lipstick crush. From top to bottom, they're swatched Give In, AIm for Gorgeous and Sweet Venom. 

I got... Give In (amplified), a creamy pale peachy nude. I'd say it's not too pink or peach, but a nice creamy neutral shade. I have been getting a lot of wear from this one!

Aim for Gorgeous (matte), a cool-toned pink is nothing original but I just couldn't resist.

Sweet Venom (matte) is a warm-toned almost pastel bright coral. It's matte but incredibly creamy - so summery.

Have you got anything good recently?



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