Monday, 14 November 2016

Another Neutral Palette

I just can't help myself when it comes to a gorgeous looking palette... Case in point, the new Ciate x Chloe Morello shadow edit. I was innocently looking on Asos last week when I saw they had 20% off this set - before I knew it, it was on my doorstop (damn you one-click payment and next day delivery!). 

I'm not a 'fan' of Chloe Morello, in that I don't actively watch her videos/have an opinion on her really. She obviously likes warm toned shadows though, so that makes her OK in my book. The palette has 15 shadows with a surprisingly good mix of matte and shimmer - a good mix of warm oranges and plums. Together, this palette makes the sort of golden everyday looks that are just second nature to me. I especially like Shine Bright all over the lid, with On Fire for definition and Flirt to warm things up. 

Overall, I'd say this palette is nice - the quality is not outstanding, but it's a really nice collection that's been put together well. With the mini lip paint, mini-mascara and little purse that comes with the set, it's a really good option for Christmas gifts for those who like makeup but haven't been spoiled by Tom Ford and Violet Voss (guilty). The only place I can see it stock at the moment is Sephora



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