Monday, 5 December 2016

Cold Snap Skin Saviours

Brr! It suddenly seemed to get really cold... I know it's December, but leaving the house when it's dark and frosty, coupled with hot showers and cold weather has left my already dry skin feeling a little worse for wear. I've got about a 10 second window after cleansing before my skin starts to feel like it needs some nourishment, so I've been bringing out the big guns. 

Something new to my stash; the Egyptian Magic cream. It's not what I'd call an everyday facial moisturiser, but for particularly parched complexions it works a treat. It's really thick - it turns into a sort of oil when warmed up, and then leaves the skin feeling fantastically soothed. I think my skin must be especially dry at the moment, because it laps it up - the cream has lovely ingredients like Olive Oil and honey. I like that it's a different choice from my usual moisturisers which feel really creamy - this is basically a winter essential. 

An old favourite is Dr Lipp - original nipple balm. I had a tube of this at Uni, and really love using it as more of an intensive lip treatment. It's incredibly thick, and you can really feel it on the lips (I personally like that). Left overnight, it leaves you with perfectly soft lips in the morning. Perfect before slathering one of my matte and drying liquid lipsticks. 



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