Saturday, 7 January 2017

10 Little Ways To Beat The January Blues

January is the longest month in the year - Christmas is over,  it's a very long time until pay day and there's not a lot to look forward to... it's easy to feel a bit demotivated. This year, I am too busy to get sidetracked by feeling a bit blah, because I am going to boss it! So, ten little things that you can easily do so that everyone is left feeling happier... it'll be February before we know it! 

Watch a good film

We've all got one of those cosy films we love to watch... I am definitely prone to watching Harry Potter as often as I can, because it makes me feel relaxed. For an ultimate film experience, get some microwave popcorn, blankets and pyjamas and ignore your phone. Bonus points for a movie marathon. Also bonus if you take yourself to the cinema for a solo-movie trip, because that is the best! 

Plan a holiday

I'm not talking putting deposits down for a trip to the Maldives or anything as extravagant, but planning a city break is one of my favourite things to do when things are feeling a little meh. With Easy jet & Air BnB, a mini-break is not a crazy expensive thing, and just think about all of the instagram content a weekend in Paris would bring... We've just booked a little trip to Edinburgh for February, so I'm counting down until that (any must-haves, let me know). 

Have a bath

Not just a regular bath. Nah. Something super luxurious is way better - a one bath bomb minimum. I think there's no point saving favourite products for 'best'; it's better to use them and enjoy them! My favourite are the Laura Mercier sets, but anything is good. Do a hair mask, a face mask and really savour taking some time for yourself. 

Go get a coffee

Why is it that going out and buying a coffee makes me feel so much more productive? If I want to write a lot of blog posts, then pitching up and getting a latte is such a lovely treat. If you're far more sociable than me, then grab a friend to share a coffee with and have a chat.

Put on a good album

Preferably on vinyl, for maximum cosiness. I'm thinking Fleetwood Mac would be best, but anything that makes you happy is going to be perfect. Dream scenario would be music playing, wine in hand and lots of lamps. It's basically impossible to be miserable when you're having a little boogie to some of your favourite songs. 

Go somewhere inspirational

For me, I like going to the V&A to see what's new - a change of scenery can be a very good thing when you're feeling flat. Whether it's for a walk somewhere new to take some photos, to a museum to explore or just for a wander about somewhere vaguely exciting, somewhere new and inspirational is bound to lighten your mood. 

Get Moving

Something I need to do more! Not to get all new year, new you but this is something I definitely want to do; get out there and do a lot more walking and just generally move more. Maybe look for a local yoga class, or head off for a swim one Saturday. 

Read a good book

Want to escape a bleak January? Curl up with a new read and drift off. My current to-read list is well stocked thanks to some Christmas books but one of my favourite books of late was Sali Hughes' Pretty Iconic. 

Master a new recipe

Something stodgy, or something chocolately, or something that could potentially make you come first place in Come Dine With Me. I like to read Pinch of Yum for new recipes (this + this being particularly delicious), and browse pinterest. Speaking of pinterest... 

Make a secret pinterest board 

Yup. Whether it's for your dream wedding, your yet-to-be-conceived children's nursery or some seriously enviable travelling pins, whiling away a good few hours on pinterest is one of the very best ways to spend a dreary Saturday. You can see my pins here, by the way! It's also a really good way to find my photography inspiration for blog planning, for world domination. 



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