Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Six Blogs I Loved in January

Yes,  January is over and there has been some really amazing content put out on the blogosphere over the last 31 days. I'm constantly blown away by all the amazing photos and fantastic ideas that pop up on my twitter and instagram everyday, so I wanted to share five blog posts I've especially enjoyed this month! 

If you're not following Faye's blog, be prepared to get lost in her dreamy photographs - seriously, every instagram post is like a work of art! I think her blog is quite new, and I wish my blog had been anywhere as good as this when I first started blogging... I really liked this post on The Glow Getters which featured lots of gorgeous products to give you sheeny skin. 

Claudia's photos are consistently gorgeous, and how she manages such a lovely blog, an online shop and be a mum is beyond me! I can always spot her photos a mile away, and she is an inspiration to me in terms of managing everything and being such a girl boss. I loved her post on self-employment and paying your taxes because whilst it's a scary/dull subject, she made it sound straight-forward and far more manageable. 

I love Hannah's blog, because I can really get lost in her posts; she's got a really good way with words and you can tell she was a journalist. Her list posts are always on point, her instagram is all kinds of incredible and she's a leopard-print lover. Her post on blogging predictions for 2017 here was really interesting, especially coming from a full-time content creator. 

I love Megan's blog because it's so girly and pretty - I'm a new reader of her blog but I have been loving every post she puts out and really paying attention to everything she says. I liked this post on her photography setup, because she explained things in depth and really explained the process of how she creates her content. 

A girl after my own heart with lots of posts featuring rose gold and makeup picks, Cliona's blog is so pretty and a good one to spend a few hours browsing through. Her makeup picks are always making me want to go and shop, and this post on the NARS lip pencils inspired me to dig Cruella out of my stash. 

I'm a big fan of Rhianna's blog and social media - she's always on and I love her sense of humour on twitter. She vlogs, blogs, instagrams and tweets consistently which always impresses me. Her instagram is particularly gorgeous, and her post on instragram tips was really helpful and had me paying attention. Here's hoping my instagram can be half as good as Rhianna's soon. 

Did you find any new reads this month?



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