Saturday, 4 February 2017

Five Reasons Why Being A Micro-Blogger is The Best

Size isn't everything. More and more, I'm seeing a shift towards the almighty micro-blogger - someone who has less followers than you might typically associate with vlogger superstars, but someone who produces incredible content and someone who deserves more recognition. I was reading this post from Lady Writes Blog about 2017 being the year of the Micro-Influencer and I really hope it is because being a micro-blogger is awesome

Engagement is much higher. I see lots of Instagram accounts with fake followers (I'm talking 25k followers and 28 likes per photo) and I just think brands are starting to wake up and see the value in someone with a few thousand followers but someone who also gets enough likes, comments and engagement to make some big bloggers feel nervous. As someone who works in PR, if I see someone post beautiful content and have 25 or so regular commenters who listen this means so much more to me than someone with 50k followers and no engagement. It's quality, not quantity. 

You're relatable. I don't know, but seeing someone with ten Chanel handbags and a W1 postcode doesn't make me automatically listen to everything they say. Of course, I read (and purchase recommendations from) 'big' bloggers, but I think being relatable is increasingly important. Complaining about early get ups, moaning about a busy day and stressing how something is 'affordable' doesn't mean a lot to me when this is coming from someone typing out a blog post whilst on a sponsored holiday to the Maldives. No shade at all, because hello please can someone pay for me to go the Maldives, but bloggers who tweet about their shitty day or post an Instagram story surrounded by Dominos pizza boxes stand out to me because of how genuine they seem. You can't buy authenticity! Not even at Chanel. 

You have more value... for brands who understand blogging. I always think this, but a sheer volume of followers doesn't really mean a lot. Yes, you are having more people see your content but it's in a similar mindset to a magazine advert - you know the circulation of the magazine, but how many people will actually see the ad, pay attention and subsequently buy the product? If you have 500,000 people following you on Instagram and you mention a lipstick you're loving, how many people are actually going to be equally as lipstick mad and also go out and buy the same product? What if, instead, a brand works with someone smaller with 10,000 people who are incredibly engaged and interested - the initial reach might be smaller but I'd also argue that an increased amount of sales and ROI are more likely. Which is what brands want! Forget a brand who wants to blanket send their new launches to the same vloggers over and over again and focus on the beautiful brands who really want to make a connection with their consumers and work with an influencer who will help connect them with people who are genuinely interested. 

You have a niche. Chances are, if you are a micro-blogger then you're going to have carved yourself out a little niche. Whether that's travel, food, beauty, fashion, dating or lifestyle... I would say you're probably going to really own your corner of the internet. This is so incredibly valuable, and helps brands to work closely with an audience which will directly benefit them. 

You're affordable. I mean this in the very best way. You're not going to be charging an absolute fortune (or £20,000 for an instagram as I know some people charge) and therefore become more accessible to brands who are looking to increase their marketing spend but also don't want to blow through an entire yearly budget in one post. Affordability and good ROI in the big old blogging world means there is going to be more of a consistent level of campaigns for you to get involved with. 

What do you think? I am interested to hear what people think about micro-blogging, authenticity, being a small blog in a big pond... Let me know!



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