Friday, 21 April 2017

Bronzers I Actually Like

I've never been one for bronzer - I've often been confused by it because it's a little intimidating. I don't tan and am naturally a whiter shade of pale so the concept of smearing bronzed powder across my skin didn't seem a necessity. Lately though I've been embracing a little sweep of bronzer here and there - just enough to make me look a little healthier and to add a little more definition to my face. 

Every year Clarins releases a limited edition bronzer and this year is just as gorgeous as ever; this compact is almost too pretty to use. With its beautiful embossing, it's definitely one of those products that promises to steal the show. It reminds me so much of summer and is actually making me a little impatient for some glorious sunny weather, which can only be a good thing. The compact itself has three matte shades alongside a satin coral which means you can either use each shade individually or swirl everything together and apply in lieu of contour and blush for a glow on the complexion. 

I'm equally enamoured with the embossing on the Armani bronzer - it looks like little lines (check out my instagram here if you want to see the exterior packaging) and the texture has a really buttery formula which means it blends beautifully into the skin. I'd say this is the sheerest of the three, so it's especially good for bronzer novices. Lastly, the Guerlain bronzer seems like a bit of a classic and this shalimar edition is a good introduction to trying the products. This one has some more shimmer so it's a good option for adding a glow to the complexion. 

Do you use bronzer?



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