Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Armani Makeover

Having a makeover at a beauty counter can go one of two ways - it can introduce you to a plethora of new must-have products or it can turn you off from a brand forever. In a new series on my blog I'm going to be testing out and trying different counter makeovers from different brands in an attempt to deliver the highs and the lows of each brand. First up is Armani Beauty, and their Armani Box in Covent Garden. It's their first pop up store (in one of many in the area) and is here until mid May so it's worth checking out while you can, if not purely for the giant red gorilla taking pride of place in the shop. The eye-catching Gorilla is a replica of Uri, a model Mr Armani owns. I've tried to capture the sense of the Armani Box!

So, the makeover. I booked in for a Saturday at 11am, which was nice and quiet for central... The whole makeover is recorded for you to be able to rewatch and learn from later, which I think is really helpful as the face artists who work there seem to be really detailed in going over the products and the techniques. The entire product range is laid out in its entirety from the primers to the lipsticks so every piece is easily accessible. 

The prep and the base

I am completely loving the Prima Glow-On moistursing balm which leaves the skin gloriously hydrated and plumped; I have a bit of a penchant for expensive moisturisers, as it seems. For my base, the face artist primed with the UV Master Primer in Pink - it's light, hydrating, illuminating and helps protect the skin from the sun as well. This is definitely one my list to buy next because the difference before and after application was really noticeable. On top of that, my favourite foundation of the moment - Power Fabric, shade 3 - was used all over. A cool trick to banish oily noses is to apply the product on any patches prone to fading is to apply the product in a brushing up motion which helps it to sit better on the skin. I completely fell in love with the Sun Fabric Powder Bronzer (and I bought it, oops) for adding a bit of definition and glow and I am not one for bronzer normally! the Cheek Fabric in 502 finished off the glowing base nicely. 

The eyes

We went with a somewhat neutral eye to complement the red lip - smokier than I would do but the face artist was infinitely more skilled than I am at blending! We used the Eye Tiny fluid eyeshadow in Rose Ashes along with a mix of the Eyes to Kill Solo shadow in 5 to add some depth. A bit of the Waterproof eye pencil in the waterline and a coat of the Mascara Eccentrico mascara finished off the look. 

The lips 

I went for the star of the show; the exclusive Urban Gorilla Red Rouge D'Armani lipstick which is a bright, saturated blue-toned red that is instantaneously flattering and fun. The formula is satin in texture and feels comfortable on the lips - extra amazing points for having my initials engraved on the lip and for having a gorilla on the packaging!



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