Thursday, 11 May 2017

Problem-Solving Primers

Behind every flawless complexion lies a good primer... Primers are really my jam and I would consider myself a bit of an addict. I just love how there are so many different primers to tackle absolutely every skin concern and as I'm such a base fanatic I often end up mixing and matching several different primers to combat different areas. High maintenance, yes. Super effective? Yes. 

One for colour-correcting - Stila One Step Correct

I think traditional colour correcting can be a little intimidating with bold colours such as yellow or green all over the face, so this marshmallow primer is a softer way to try out the trend and still have all of the benefits. It has paler tones of peach, lilac and green to effectively make your canvas unified in terms of colours - it also has a little radiance-boosting quality to it. 

One for blurring pores - Hylamide HA Blur

If pores or texture are an issue for you, then this one is worth checking out! It's light with a cream texture and glides over skin; instantly making everything look a lot more diffused and flawless. This one works with all skin textures and is just a little bit of real life airbrushing for skin. The formula is pretty high-tech and actually uses hyaluronic acid powder to create light spheres to take light away from the skin which leaves the blurred look behind. 

One for adding luminosity - Prime Light

Some mornings I look in the mirror and my skin looks a little grey - hey, I get up early and stay up late so I need all the help I can get when it comes to my makeup. This one is super creamy and delivers an instant boost of glow to the skin; not to be used on any oily areas but it adds a lovely luminescence to dry or dehydrated skin. 

One for adding hydration - Kat Von D Lock-It Featherweight Primer 

Where would I be without a good hydrating primer? The saver of many a bad makeup day! This super lightweight one from Kat Von D sits so nicely under makeup - it doesn't add anything in terms of smoothing or blurring, but instead makes the canvas more hydrated and allows foundation to sit a little more balanced on the skin. 

One for controlling shine - The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer

I'm not a big one for mattifying the skin because controlling oil is not really an issue for me - I am a not a huge fan of that heavy silicone feeling either when it's slippery and ends up being a little bit more greasy. This one from The Ordinary is silicone-based but leans towards being creamier in texture so it sits better on the skin. Definitely one to try to beat the midday shine!

One for smoothing out texture - The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

This is another silicone-based primer from The Ordinary, but this one has a far more fluid texture which glides across the skin. The smell is a little strong chemically but it's worth it because this is unlike any other primer I've tried. It instantly leaves the skin looking smoother and then any foundation after it applies far more nicely so there's no dry patches or areas where dehydration interrupts foundation wear. 

Do you have any favourite primers?


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