Saturday, 13 May 2017

Six on a Saturday

Even though I mentioned how busy I was in yesterday's post, I still found time this week to make sure I was caught up on all of my favourite reads and in the spirit of being a good blogger I'm sharing six of my favourite reads from the last couple of days. This week I've also massively been into podcasts and have been enjoying the new ones from Anna and Lily, as well as going through the Glamour podcast archives - it's just so easy to listen when you're on the go! Any podcast recommendations are very welcome...

I loved Lily's post on her May makeup bag - so pretty!

Caitlin's post on how she's changing her attitude to instagram was what I needed to read.

Man Repeller's article on the Jennifer Anniston life diet because MR is the best.

Makeup Savvy's post on makeup facts that will blow your mind was an interesting read!

Escentual's post on how to describe fragrance perfectly articulated how to tell the story of a scent!

Dagmara's post on some new drugstore liquid lipsticks because I need them all.

How has your week been?



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