Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Process of How I Blog

The weekend generally means one thing to me - time to blog! Without wanting to #HumbleBrag at all, something I get asked a fair amount is how do I manage to blog every day... Number one would be that this is my passion, my hobby and my baby. I put my heart and soul into my blog but as well as all the fun bits there is a lot of hard work that goes into my blog, which I thought I'd share a few pointers on incase anyone else is working away on their blog this weekend. 

The planning process - I am constantly, constantly thinking of new ideas. I don't think my brain even knows how to switch off at this point. Any magazine article, any particular shade of lipstick I see... anything gets noted down in my phone or in my editorial calendar (more on that in a second) so that I always have a big bank of blog ideas. Sometimes I just look at a certain product I'm using and loving at that moment in time and sort of brainstorm ideas based around that. Everything is planned a month in advance using a handmade editorial calendar - basically a diary but editorial calendar sounds so fancy. Every post is written on a certain date with a little info and it lets me refer back to it and see what's coming up next. I can also see it on my phone because y'know, I'm always on the go. 

The prep - the bit that probably takes the longest is the photography process. I can spend hours and hours taking photos and then that's not including tidying up afterwards and the editing process but it's something I love so far. I take photos in bulk as well, so I go by my editorial calendar, write a list (love a good list) and then just work through them. Normally with some music in the background but as an example this photo used in the post took five different minute adjustments and I think I took about fifteen versions before picking this one and editing. 

The technical bits - After I have my post all planned, the photos taken and everything set up: that's when I do the writing part. This can take ages (because I like to write) and then I always like to proofread my work a couple of times to make sure it reads well and that there aren't any glaring grammatical errors. Then I do things like make links on style collective, add ALT text to images and make sure it's as SEO friendly as possible. 

The after-post - As any blogger knows, writing a post isn't the end of it! The scheduling takes ages for social media and then replying to comments and promoting your content across any platform you have - it's a never ending process. 

How do you blog?



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