Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Popsicle Lips

There's so many makeup looks I'm into right now, but I'm particularly enamoured with popsicle lips... meaning sheer stains for the lips that give some really summery vibes. It's a low-key lip option and it's sufficiently modern in time for summer. Having the perfect natural flush of colour on the lips with the right texture can actually be a little trickier than originally thought, so I've rounded up the creme de la creme. 

One of the best products designed for giving lips exactly the aesthetic I'm after is the Glossier Generation G lipstick which is both matte and sheer so it's absolutely perfect for a daytime lip option. The shade I have, Cake, is very similar to my natural lip colour but there are some delicious-looking pink shades that I am desperate to try. Their whole look is a freshly-blotted finish, and I'm increasingly drawn to the diffused wash of colour. 

I've got two tints for the lips, and they're pretty similar in terms of the finish on the lips. One is the ELF aqua tiny lip tint, which is a really lightweight sheer gel that adds a gorgeous bitten finish to the lips. It's a whisper on the lips, and I like it best once the shade has faded a little bit and the stain is left behind with a flattering hue. For a more luxurious option, the Dior lip tattoo has the dreamiest mint scent and is just the tiniest bit longer-lasting on the lips but it ultimately delivers the same bitten flush of colour for the lips.

Lastly is the Clarins instant light lip oil, which is the glossiest out of all of the picks which makes it the dream option for dry lips and those who hate matte lips. I really like the shade tangerine for a summery orange stain, and it's a great one to reapply throughout the day as the formula is so comfortable on the lips.



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