Monday, 26 June 2017

Summer Skincare Essentials

So the heavy balms and cosseting creams have officially been moved from the top shelf; in their place are some summer skincare picks with a focus on clarifying, adding radiance and ensuring skin is as healthy as can be.

I've recently been adding the Magnitone cleansing brush into my skincare routine; it's not my first time trying a skincare brush but I tend to fall off the bandwagon after a while because... I'm the worst. The weather has been particularly grimy and sweaty as of late and coupled with my SPF addiction and a penchant for wearing a lot of makeup it means that I want to give my skin a really deep clean when I get home. It's a good tool to have in your arsenal for leaving skin feeling exfoliated, without being stripped and really clean, without being squeaky. It's a fun little addition and works excellently with my summer cleanser of choice - the Omorovicza moor cream cleanser. It's essentially the perfect cleanser for when skin in need of a deep clean but you don't want to use something foaming and drying. It smells suitably spa-like, leaves skin deliciously soft and feeling fresh. 

Other skin treats include a lighter serum aimed at delivering more radiance (as opposed to hydrating or calming) to the skin, and my new favourite is the Medik8 vitamin C serum. It smells all summery and suitably fruity which makes it a treat for smoothing onto skin in the morning. Vitamin C, when stable, helps to improve skin's elasticity and also brightens the complexion which means it's the perfect summer pick for when I want some glowy skin. Would it be a skincare post with including a good mask as well? For me, I always reach for something hydrating and especially after being in the heat my skin can feel a little parched so the ARK hydration injection masque is a great pick for just smoothing and leaving on whilst you relax (so, binge-watching drag race then) and then having plumped and healthy skin. 

What are your summer skincare essentials?


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