Friday, 30 March 2012

Bourjois 123 perfect: Review

Hello :) 

I've always quite liked Bourjois foundations, I think they always smell nice and fruity and offer a nice finish. I saw the advert for the new '123 Perfect' and was obviously intrigued by the claims of perfect skin... who wouldn't be? I thought the idea of combining three different colour correcting pigments was quite interesting, and not something I'd seen before.

Bourjois claims that the foundation has “3 correcting pigments – 0 imperfections.

1)  Yellow pigments – anti-dark circles
2)  Mauve pigments – anti-dull complexion
3)  Green pigments – anti redness."

I got the shade 51, light vanilla - it looks a bit pale in the bottle, but 52 looked waaaay too dark for me.. 

The shade range seems limited - I could only see 5, and those were all definitely in the 'fair'. The shades also all seemed fairly yellow toned, which I think is standard for Bourjois. I wish drugstore brands would do a more varied shade range! It annoys me. The foundation has an SPF10, which makes it lighter, maybe? Hmm...

(I'm wearing MAC woodwinked/NARS Isolde on my lids and MAC costa chic/Barry M lipgloss 11 for reference)

I like the finish, it's fairly satin - I gave it a quick dusting of MSF natural to set it, but I do that generally. 
I'm not a massive fan of a dewy finish, and this foundation doesn't make me look too glowy ;)

Blended out lightly - I am tanned at the moment so it looks pale on my hand aha..

Completely blended 

I'm not sure about the pigment claims - I have a fair bit of redness in my cheeks, and this didn't seem to make a massive difference - I use a primer to counteract the majority of the redness, and this didn't seem to add too much of a difference. I do have a bit of redness around my nose and that seemed to cover it up fairly well. 
In terms of the mauve, I don't think I really have a 'dull complexion' so I don't think this added anything?
The yellow pigments did seem to cover my dark circles, so yay for that. 

I also don't think it wears for up to 16 hours, as it claims. I'd say 7/8 hours, on my fairly normal skin. 
The recent surge in foundations claiming to be 16-24h is annoying - a) who wants to wear foundation for that long and b) the claims are never true!

I like the smell though - very fresh and fruity, yum. 

Overall I am liking this foundation, and will keep using it over the summer. I think it's quite a natural, medium finish. 

Available now at Boots/Superdrug for £10.99

Have any of you tried it?

Laura xx



  1. This looks really good! I hate that Bourjois foundations are all yellow toned too, I'm more pinky and have to adjust their foundations so that they suit me better! x

    1. It is annoying, I'm pinky too :/ drugstore brands need to start accommodating! aha xx

  2. Really like the glowy finish its giving your skin you look so radient!
    I agree all theres foundation promises are very OTT!


    1. Thanks, babe! I know, it's just silly aha xx

  3. I have this foundation as well, and I'm not a massive fan of it, I think it's given my skin some kind of reaction so I'm going to use a different one for while and see if that changes. I'm jealous of how well it's worked for you though! :)
    I agree about the "long wear" promises, I can't think of anybody that would want to wear a foundation for that long anyway- and it can't be good for your skin! xx

  4. Really good review, thanks.
    I own this and class it as one of my most worn foundations. I like that it's such a buildble coverage for my skin type and it does seem extra yellow toned which balances out my redness around my nose and side of my chin. I can suffer from rather red acne scars and it even seems to cover those without the need for concealer.

    Jules x


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