Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mac palette

Hello :) 

Thought I'd do a detailed post on my (beloved) Mac palette :) It was a project to finish, so much fun! I love deputing shadows, I find it really satisfying, plus you get to B2M... Win win. 

*Heavenly chorus*

Top row - All that glitters, Expensive Pink, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, Sumptuous Olive

Second row - Mulch, Tempting, Antiqued, Mythology, Honeylust

Bottom row - Amber lights, Folie, Brun, Patina, Bronze

All that glitters

Champagne coloured shade, great for everyday. Brightens up your eye area :)


Shimmery chocolate brown, love this. Great for a smokey eye. 

Amber Lights

Orange-y toned bronze.. great for blue eyes. 

Expensive pink

Gold toned pink! Love this.. Really warm toned, and fairly similar to Mythology, but pinker. 


Sparkly gold heaven! Just hit pan on this bad boy, wooo.


Matte red toned brown... good for contouring with.


My favourite Mac shadow, and possibly shadow ever.. Orangey toned bronzy gold-y colour - are you noticing a trend in colours I like? Aha... This is my go-to eyeshadow, if i'm in a rush and want a wash of colour, or to use for a smokey eye, or anything really! Makes my eyes look bluer. If you don't have it, go buy it!


Coppery brown with shimmer, I think would look amazing with green eyes... I'm still a fan though ;)


Matte brown, good for contouring the socket when I've used mostly sparkly colours. 

Satin taupe

Super popular Mac colour, a cool toned taupey colour. 


Expensive pink's cousin... less pink and more coppery. Has chunkier glitter than Expensive pink as well.


Cool toned greeny brown... 

Sumptous Olive

Goldy greeny goodness. Don't have many green colours, so I like this. 


Haven't heard much about this colour on the blogosphere, don't know why.. Recommend it!


Newest baby in my Mac palette, don't know how I didn't have this before. Looks good blended with amber lights, for a casual colour graduation... 

And have a picture of some piglets, for random cuteness.

Laura xx


  1. I absolutely love this palette, what is the palette called and how much? Might have to be a payday treat :P x

  2. I love that palette and the pic.. so cute!

  3. Great post, what a perfect collection !x

  4. aaaaah i NEED this palette!!! its the perfect one for me, all i wear are neutrals!! really want woodwinked!! xx

  5. we have the exact same taste in colours! i just need five more to fill mine! def thinking expensive pink, mythology, tempting, amber lights and sumptuous olive after ready this :D xxx.

  6. I love reading this!- I'm only 6 colours in on my MAC palette so this has given. e some inspiration of the colours id like in the future.
    I love browns/bronzes too!


  7. Lovely colours but OMG piglets :] You know how to brighten my morning x

  8. Expensive Pink looks gorgeous! Might have to add that to my list... xx


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