Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser: Review!

Antipodes Grapeseed butter cleanser
Antipodes is a brand I'd heard a lot about - they aim to use natural ingredients from New Zealand, and are completely inspired by nature. I'd heard about them online, and saw that they had a butter cleanser. Just the name makes it sound really rich and decadent. It also looks like butter! A sunny yellow colour. I wanted to have a heavier cleanser for the winter months when my cheeks can get quite dry. This cleanser, however, says it's good for oily skin as well as the oils in the cleanser help to regulate the oils your face produces.

The cleanser contains cocoa butter, olive oil, harekeke oil, lavender, chamomile, Hibiscus flower and Vinanza Grape extract - an antioxidant from New Zealand grapes. 

So many natural ingredients! It's also a certified organic product, which pleases me. 

All those lovely ingredients make it smell AMAZING. I open it and smell it when I'm not cleansing, just because it smells so beautiful. 

You apply it to a dry face, either with the small spatula provide or your fingers, and massage it all over your face. It feels incredibly creamy! You then rinse it off with warm water - I use a muslin cloth as I like to make sure it's all gone, and cloths are much tidier than splashing water all over your face with reckless abandon!

The packaging is lovely - a sleek little tub with the Antipodes green logo on the top. It's made of a sturdy plastic, so it's travel safe. The design of the pot makes it really easy to get exactly how much product you use. Antipodes gives you a spatula with this, incase you don't want to dig your fingers into the pot. I personally use my fingers, as I always wash my hands before cleansing my face so I'm not too bothered about germs. You need to warm the product up a bit in your hands, which doesn't take long, but it makes it much easier to smear over your face.

I've been using this more in the morning, as I like to use my Clarisonic in the evening with Peaches and Clean at the moment. I've been using it for a couple of months, most mornings, and there's still loads of product left - you hardly need any. 

I got mine from Feel Unique, link! I'm intrigued by other things from the range, especially the Vanilla pod day cream.
I've also been testing out the Aura Manuka honey mask, so check back for that soon if you're interested. 

Laura xx


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  1. I've literally just ordered this, can't wait to try it! I wanted to get the Divine Oil and Aura mask too, but had to restrain myself, have been eager to try this brand for ages. Luckily the mask was sold out, which made it a bit easier!
    Mel x


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