Saturday, 17 November 2012

Products I've hit pan on lately!

These are my products that I've hit 'pan' on. I've used enough of the product so you can see the packaging, which means I've used it a lot! These products are basically all stuff I love and have mentioned before, but I wanted to show you how much I love them.

Nars Laguna
A cult product, and my favourite bronzer ever! It contours, warms up your skin and is generally awesome. It has tiny flecks of shimmer that don't really translate to your skin, so it's a good everyday bronzer. 
I've used this pretty much most days since April, and I've still got loads left :)

Sleek contour kit
This is awesome for adding definition to the face, and it's pretty cheap! I don't like the highlighter, I find it a bit too gritty, but the matte colour is perfect.
 I've found a better contouring powder for me (review up soon!) but this is great if you're new to contouring. 

Nuxe lip balm
Ahhhhh, my favourite lip balm ever! It's just so good. Believe the hype! It moisturises my lips so nicely and leaves a matte finish so it's not too glossy. I put this on before I go to bed and it's still there in the morning, it's amaazzzzing. I just adore this, and will repurchase forever!

Rimmel stay matte powder
The powder I sling in my bag for touch ups. It's alright, it's no MAC MSF! It seems to finish pretty quickly as well, but it's cheap so not too fussed. Yeah! Does the job.

Sleek Brow Kit
Reviewed this in more detail, here. Excellent, excellent brow kit. The cream/gel is a perfect colour match for my brows and sets the hairs, and the powder adds a little bit more definition to the bushiest bits of my brows. Win!

MAC eyeshadows in All that Glitters, Woodwinked & Tempting
Haha, I've sung the praises of Woodwinked SO many times, and I still bleddy love it! All that glitters AND Woodwinked is my go-to eye when I have no time, they blend together so nicely. I simply put a wash of All that glitters all over the lid, put Woodwinked in the crease and add a flick of liner and voila! Tempting is another lovely shade, and my second ever MAC shadow! 

Do you hit pan often? I think it shows how loved particular products can be :)

Laura xx



  1. Great post! I really want to try that sleek brow kit! :)

    1. Aw, thanks! You should, it's great :) xx

  2. I bought a mac eyeshadow palette a bit ago and it's still empty I think I'm gonna buy wood winked and all that glitters as my first ones xx

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly

    1. Yeah, definitely! They're great shadows, so easy for every day! xx

    2. You should buy Cranberry also, it's my favourite eyeshadow out of my entire collection xx

  3. I rarely hit pan and that's why I'm trying to downsize my collection. great post :)


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