Thursday, 31 January 2013

MAC Morange

Hello! I'm currently hiding at my boyfriend's house (my room has mice! I can't even...) and was flicking through my drafts and saw that I had never posted this, despite owning Morange for a long time now! 

I backed to MAC for this - the best feeling in the world! - last summer. 

This is the perfect summer colour, it's so bright and zingy!

Morange is an intense orange!
It's an amplified finish, so it's super pigmented, creamy and long lasting.
I found that this lipstick fades in the middle of my lips quicker though - I have to reapply more than some of my other MACs, or it just looks like i've lined the edge of my lips... crazy orange lips lady. 
I also line my lips with an MUA liner in Orange, and it helps it last longer. I also used lipcote on top of this to help it last a bit longer.

You can wear this less intensely, and sheer it out. I've also tried wearing it with gloss (Benefit Coralista) and it was easier to wear. 

This is definitely a lipstick for 'brave' days - not something for the faint hearted. I really think it's a lovely colour though, and I'm enjoying it. 

I'd recommend this for anyone with blue eyes - I really think it makes them zing!

Laura xx



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