Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nars satin lip pencil in Luxembourg

A pinky red? How original, Laura. When I saw the new NARS Satin lip pencils this had my name all over it. I love my matte pencil (review here) so I wanted to give these a go. I managed to pick two very similar colours, but I'd say Luxembourg is pinker than Dragon girl, and glossier obvs! I picked this one up in Selfridges during the LDNBB meet :) Luxumbourg is described as a bright watermelon pink, but it pulls more red than that I think. It's one of my favourite shades to wear, a pink red! I think they brighten up my complexion more than something peachy. The new Satin formula is really nice and creamy, so it glides over the lips. You need one swipe of this, it's super pigmented. It is initially glossy but does dry down to a satiny finish. Not MAC Satin, but not too glossy. This one also stains the lips so it hangs around for a good while. It did dry out my lips a bit though, even more than the matte pencil I thought - weird! Really dry lips would need to reapply more regularly to keep the sheen going. 

The colour isn't unique, but it's hella sexy and I love me some NARS I do! It's £17.50 from NARS - link! What do you think?



  1. I've literally just bought this and am totally in love with it too! Like you said it's not a completely unique shade but I just love how silky soft it is haha. Looks so gorgeous on you!


  2. This is such a gorgeous colour...Really want to try one of these they look so good x

  3. Ah! I really want to try Nars products more than anything but they're just so expensive! This colour looks absolutely lovely and I'm very jealous!

    Hazzie xx

  4. This is gorgeous, need to get my hands on some of these:) x


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