Monday, 22 April 2013

The Balm frat boy blush

TheBalm Frat boy

Wearing theBalm Frat boy blusher
I've never tried anything from theBalm, but I thought 'why not?' and now I have the Frat Boy blusher in my grasp. I ordered this from the Beauty chamber website (see that post here) and have been using it since it touched down. The packaging is really cute, a bit Benefit-esque and it just has that general kitsch feel.  It's also that similar packaging to Benefit, which will inevitably get a bit tatty and grubby. Sigh. It does also come with a mirror though, and I do like that it stands out in my blusher section, unlike my Nars blushes... The colour itself is a gorgeous peachy apricot kind of colour, which is really nice for Spring I think. The colour also contrasts nicely with my blue eyes! It's really pigmented but it can be blended out nicely. It does say it can be used as an eyeshadow, but I wouldn't personally, the colour's a bit much for the eyes! Overall, I love this and I am really impressed with my first theBalm product... they're excellent quality for the price. The Frat boy blush was £13 from Beauty chamber - link! I'd love to try more theBalm products now! I have my eyes on the palettes and the highlighter ;)


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  1. I actually thought it was Benefit! They are very similar in style. I think it looks really lovely!


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