Monday, 25 November 2013

LUSH Review: Let the good times roll

Ever since getting this cleanser a few weeks ago, I have been absolutely addicted to the scent. It's definitely the nicest smelling piece skincare I've ever smeared all over my face...

Lush Let the good times roll* is a fresh cleanser, and Lush claims that it's a gentle face wash. I'm going to say immediately that I don't think this is particularly gentle. It's quite abrasive, and definitely not something I would use everyday, as instructed. When I've been using it, 2-3 times per week, it's left my skin a bit red afterwards... not particularly bad but I don't think it's gentle. If you want a slightly abrasive cleanser/scrub hybrid then this is a really good option. I think this would be perfect for oilier skin as I think it would help to control oil, as it makes my t-zone feel smoother. 

The most exciting aspect, obviously, is that is has actual popcorn in it :) I love the smell, it's so sweet and smells like caramel or toffee... mmm so good. It also doesn't have almond oil in as well, for any fellow nut allergy sufferers. Overall, I really like it, and it's a really nice exfoliator but I wouldn't use it everyday or my face would be raw, yum! The smell is more than worth it... *inhales*


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