Sunday, 20 April 2014

Back in the Shire.

Happy Easter! I hope you're all eating lots of chocolate. I had a creme egg brownie for breakfast (after waking up at 12...), and we're currently cooking some roast lamb and waiting for it. The smell! I can't wait.

My boyfriend and I came back to the Shire (Buckinghamshire) for the long weekend, and stopped on the way home in Henley. We had a pit-stop at Maison blanc, the best bakery ever, and then stopped near a field of bluebells on the way home. After almost stumbling into a horse race track - Henley is so posh - we just messed around taking some nice photos. We  even managed to get a rare nice photo of the two of us! 

Tomorrow we're going to mooch around, and then after Chris has gone back home I'm going into London on Tuesday for a job interview. This means shake shack time. Oh yes.

What are you all up to on this long weekend? Hope you're all having a lovely time! :)

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