Monday, 21 April 2014

Sheer Glow, again. (+ brownies!)

I'm on my second bottle of the good stuff now, so I figured it was time to check in again and share my thoughts. Basically, this is my favourite.

I don't repurchase foundations often - in fact MAC Pro longwear is the only one that springs to mind - so you know it's good stuff.

I find this foundation to sit comfortably on the dry skin on my cheeks, but it lasts a relatively nice length of time on my oily nose. 

I would say it's medium-buildable coverage. You can layer it nicely and it doesn't seem to cake. 

My favourite way to apply it is with a damp beauty blender, and then smush it all in. In terms of amounts, I use two pumps for my face (Buy the pump!! Don't mess around with pouring it out, you'll waste loads). I'm not sure if that's a lot, but that adequately covers what I want to cover and still looks like skin. 

My last bottle lasted me a year and a half. I didn't use it every single day, but it was my 'go-to' when I didn't know what else to pick. I'd say I used it 3-4/7 times a week. 

My old shade was Mont blanc, and this time I went for Gobi. Gobi just a little yellower, which is what I want from my foundation... what was I thinking last time? Haha :) The shades are the same level of lightness, just different undertones. 

Mont blanc vs Gobi - see how pink the one on the left is? 

Other makeup favourites of the moment include theBalm mary-lou manizer - I'd forgotten how awesome this stuff was. Used with a light duo-fibre brush, this looks amazing dusted onto the cheekbones. You get so much, and you need so little, I can't see this ever running out.

The Naked 3 palette used in conjunction with the By Terry ombre blackstar in Misty rock. Pink y perfection.

My go-to nudey lipstick is something else from By Terry - Flirty rosy. Mm. SO nice. If you want a more sophisticated nude lip, or something with a little more brown and not too corpsey, this is worth a rec.

& lastly, check out these cream egg brownies we made for Easter. They were so immense, and when they had been chilled in the fridge they were the richest chocolatey things I've ever tried. 

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