Wednesday, 23 April 2014

General ramble

I've gone too far not to keep up the post a day in April! I didn't have anything particularly exciting to post about today, but I wanted to keep it up without writing something 'meh'. I figured I'd just share some nice Springy/interior photos!

I got back from London late last night, and still feel really tired today. I *have* to get on with finishing my dissertation, and tidying the flat, doing a food shop, going to the gym, catching up with GOT, reading GOT, etc! *naps*

I think my interview went well yesterday, I should hear by next Monday... fingers crossed! :)

I've been trying to eat more healthily and definitely up my gym sessions, I might do a post of a day in food? Let me know :)

... and I don't really have anything else to report. Let me know what you've been up to! :)


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