Monday, 5 May 2014

Faking awake

Given that it's a bank holiday, some of us have enjoyed some consecutive nights of drinking (sorry, body) and some of us want to look bright eyed and bushy tailed. I have three steps to ensure that I look  as awake as possible. As someone who loves staying up late reading/studying/watching cartoons, I have had plenty of experience in masking my tiredness the next morning.

Firstly, washing your face. Mmm, already feeling better. The DHC moisturising eye strips help to make the skin under your eyes look more awake and far less puffy. I like to ideally keep them on over night, or you can slap them on for 20 minutes if you're strapped for time. While they're on, you can make some coffee and foooood. After I've peeled them off, the Heal gel eye is so so nice for making the area feel cool and refreshed. 

Makeup wise, adding some serious glow should be on the agenda. I like to smear the Seventeen skin wow highlighter all over my face, and then add a liberal amount of the Rimmel wake me up foundation. Recently got back into this stuff - amazing. They've added a new lighter shade that actually isn't too dark. Under my eyes, the MAC prep+prime highlighter in light boost is yellow and kind of gives a Kardashian-esque effect. Amazing for making your face look a lot brighter within seconds. 

Eye-makeup - You want something light and shimmery. Stila Kitten or the lightest colour from the Wet n Wild walking on eggshells palette... anything champagne coloured and shimmery. It'll brighten up your eyes and make you look much fresher. The Rimmel nude eyeliner is also amazing for cancelling any redness, which makes you look so much more awake. 

Those are my tips - do you have any? I'm off to go put them into good use...

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