Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A first taste of Jurlique: Rosewater balancing mist intense

The best kind of mid-morning distraction is surely when you hear the postman a knocking... and then he kindly gives you presents. Last Friday I was handed a giant box, and after some momentary confusion I ripped it open and saw a lovely present from Jurlique! I'd never tried the brand before, but had heard lots of good things. They had been running a twitter competition where you could tweet them your ideas of beauty, and I tweeted them 'inner tranquility' - I was so happy to see that I had won. The little charm that came attached to the rose water is so gorgeous - I will keep this forever. It's engraved with inner tranquility, I think it's so special! The ideas of beauty campaign run by Jurlique is definitely something I want to find out more about - it was set up in 2012, to help enrich the lives of women all over the globe. 

My prize was a big pink bottle of the new rosewater balancing mist intense (deluxe edition). It's a fancy face spray, but you could also spray it just for the smell, or be like me and spray it in the ends of your hair to make your hair smell like roses. The smell is my favourite kind of rose - it's not at all artificial, but just smells like a fresh bouquet of big red roses. It has 5 different types of roses in it! It's really sweet and floral and v girly. Like the By terry rose scent :)

Have you tried anything from Jurlique? Let me know what I need to try, I am v impressed!


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