Friday, 5 September 2014

A little Sephora giveaway...

While I was in Sephora last week, skipping through the aisles and becoming hysterical with excitement, I thought that Sephora products are so amazing because they are so elusive... they're hard to get in the UK! With that in mind, I picked up three things (+ and a makeup bag, because where else will you put the products?!) to share with my lovely readers. They're all amazing products I have personally tried and approved :)

You can win:

1 x lilac cosmetics pouch
1 x Sephora Formula X polish in 'unmistakable'
1 x eye shadow crayon in '04 taupe'
1 x lip cream in '01 always red'

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Boring stuff

The competition will end on the 30th of September 2014 at 12pm GMT
This competition is for fellow bloggers and blog-readers... not compers
The winner will be emailed on the 1st and announced on my twitter, and will be given 72 hours to reply. After that time, another person will be emailed

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