Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Viva la Geneva

Back from Geneva, and missing all of the cheese. Over the weekend, Chris and I zipped over to Switzerland to see my family, who live right on the French border at the bottom of a mountain. Lush. 
  • View from inside a cave
  • The UN, and all the flags
  • View from the mountain/hill we climbed
  • Giant checkers board in town... girls v boys. Things got intense
  • A pretty cool shot my boyfriend took near some giant fountain land
  • A monkey, wearing a fez... in my mojito
  • Fresh flowers at the French market on Sunday
  • Foot shot
  • A giant chair, and a tiny-looking me 

I'm writing this as I stare out of the window on the train, and look at a grey and misty morning. Take me back?


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