Sunday, 16 November 2014

Gift-giving Guide: For Home Bunnies


If you listen very, very carefully you can just about hear the faint jingling of some reindeer... Christmas is just around the corner, and that means Families, food, festivities and... presents. I personally love buying presents - I treat it as a bit of an art form, and tend to put a lot of thought into each gift, as well as making sure they are neatly wrapped. Cards always have confetti in, and parcels always have ribbon. I just enjoy it :) If you don't take quite as much pleasure in hunting down gifts as me, I've rounded up some of the nicest picks into some mini gift guides. Today's picks are all focused on home bunnies - gorgeous gifts for the home.

  • For any foodie lover, this looks so good. We have a wooden recipe holder, and it just so useful for when you're mincing around the kitchen baking. This one looks so swish, I am loving how in vogue copper is at the moment.

  • Biscuit cushions, because they are so sweet. I know. I think the yellow ones would be a really nice pop of colour, and cushions are a nice present I think? Sometimes they're expensive, so you wouldn't neccesarily buy them for yourself. 

  • I love this candleabra. So stylish, non? This would look so good with red candlesticks (I always get candlesticks from Tiger, they're cheap!), and maybe perfect on Christmas day itself.

  • A little board of swanky shot glasses? So adorable. Not one for a crazy party where they might get broken though...

  • Espresso cup sets! These are so lush, they look like mini tea cups. These would be perfect for any coffee lover, and they're so much nicer than plain white ones. I would love these...

  • Ugh, wall decals are so awesome. This is one for any cat lady friends - we all have one, right? - who want to jazz up any space. I love how the cat one is chasing the lamp... I would love this in my living room.

  • Um, how awesome? So you can write a custom message on top of coffee. I want this, and a cappuchino machine... Hmm. 

  • Monty & Mabel. Enough said.

  • I love this mug, and it's so perfect for winter. When I have given mugs as gifts in the past I like to fill them with the person's favourite sweets or chocolates and then cellophane wrap the entire thing. It makes it a bit more personal.

  • For people who love cheese (everyone?), a personalised cheese board. This is so cute, and makes me want to buy all of the cheese. And eat everything. 

  • Prints in frames are always a safe gift option, and I think that this Roald Dahl quote is particularly nice. I am tempted myself, and I think it looks especially lovely in a golden frame.

  • Lastly, some love bookends. Very sweet, and something that you could give alongside some of your favourite books? Personal touches are always best. 

Catch you next Sunday for some more gift ideas! :)


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