Thursday, 1 January 2015

Dosvedanya 2014...

A big giant NO to all of the 'new year, new me' bullshit that is around at the moment. New year's eve disease, in which everyone feels an uncontrollable urge to suddenly make their life a hundred times better. Sparklier and shinier and more in your face. I can't be bothered with that - if you want to change an aspect of your life, you don't need to wait for a certain date, and you certainly don't need to tell everyone. Having said that, there is something cathartic about starting afresh; like a phoenix, except the only way I am reborn involves lots of new stationery (anyone else have a major stationery fetish? I find paperchase so erotic) and list-making. A new year is something exciting - but then so is every day, and I think that a new you is not required. 2014 was a mixed year, with lots and lots of lovely bits but also some not so lush bits. Although I hate to be a cliche - so awful - here's to 2015 being fabulous. 

MY 2014

  • I worked really, really hard on my dissertation, and finishing university.
  • I had lots of stress with mice in my old flat - major phobia - and spent a good chunk of time being stressed out about that
  • I got a new camera! My little Canon baby
  • I turned 21, and felt old
  • I finished University, and graduated with a 2:1!
  • I went to Barcelona
  • I dragged Chris across the country, and he got a new job in London
  • I did some internships... with the babes at steamcream, with Woody Allen's very glamorous publicist, at a film PR agency, at some more beauty PR agencies... 
  • I lost someone important to me, and cancer also affected my friend Stacey (who is luckily OK now!)
  • I managed to keep and make some amazing friends, who I met through blogging. Some incredibly awesome girls who cheer me up all the time
  • I got engaged - I get to marry my best friend
  • I had appendicitis, and spent a grim week in hospital 
  • I had an amazing Christmas, with my close family... feeling loved
  • I wrote this post... and subsequently wondered about what 2015 has in store...


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