Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Trilogy Rosehip Oil

If it's good enough for Kate Middleton... the Trilogy oil has been everywhere in the last week or so because KMid revealed she uses it during her pregnancy - a KMid endorcement is surely PR bread and butter? It makes everything fly out of stock. Everyone wants to be a princess. I've been using this oil for about 6 months, and have just finished my first bottle so I wanted to weigh in.

Certified Organic trilogy rosehip facial oil

The Trilogy Rosehip oil is just a 100% oil - as in, it's just rosehip and has no extra added ingredients. I think the oils that don't have carriers seem to work really well, and I think it's a sort of placebo effect - it does feel more concentrated, I guess. It's certified organic, if that's something important to you (it's not to me), and is basically something nice and nurturing and natural. I love oils in general, and use them most nights but wanted one I could use in the morning that wouldn't be too heavy or greasy. Enter this one. The formula is so perfect - it's not too slippery but nourishes. I can see any skin type loving this.

After washing and toning my face in the morning, I pipette out two drops onto my fingertips and spend a good minute or so rubbing it all over my face and giving my face a little massage. I normally do this whilst staring out of the window and feeling sleepy. I do other morning stuff, like get a hot drink and faff around on instagram and then after 20 minutes or so, apply my moisturiser. I find that by adding an extra boost of moisture, my skin just feels so much nicer all day.

I haven't found the rosehip oil does anything to my makeup longevity - you basically don't know it's there except for my skin feels really soft and nice. It smells... natural. Definitely not fresh or floral or anything like that, but the smell is there. I like it, but incase you're easily offended by smells... 

It took me six months of daily use to finish up the 20ml bottle, and I repurchased it immediately. Do you use any oils in your skincare routine? 


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