Friday, 13 March 2015

Dark Lips in Spring

Spring and pastels go hand in hand, obviously. Maybe I'm not quite ready to give up my vampy makeup, but I'm also pretty sure that you can wear a dark lip any time of year, and especially in spring. I mean, obviously you can wear whatever you want whenever you want - it's up to you! - but I am thinking that it is the general trend to lighten up makeup in Spring. You don't have to :)

This image from the Giles catwalk has also been an inspiration. I am obsessed with the flawless clean skin and that dark glossy lip. My three top picks for a more reality friendly dark lip are MAC Smoked purple, Illamasqua Growl and Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry. All used with MAC Nightmoth lip liner which is a must. 

My top tips:

  • Use a lipliner. Like, really really use a lipliner. A must for a dark lip where your lips are the focus. You don't want smudging or bleeding or fading. 
  • Wear other makeup... I know one of the 'makeup rules' is to play up either your eyes or your lips, but if you're wearing a really dramatic lip you will want something to balance the rest of you out. A dark lip as a focal point works in catwalk makeup, and I'm not suggesting everyone wears a heavy smoky eye with dark lips, but a little liner and a lot of mascara won't hurt. In the photo below I contoured my eyes using these steps, as well as using my eyeliner as mentioned in this post ;)
  • Have fun. Experiment. If you're scared, get a cheap lipstick and try one out. I know Makeup revolution and MUA do dark lipsticks, so one to try out and wear around the house and see if you like it. I have a hunch you'll love it.

Also still loving dark nails - short, glossy and black. The Sinful colours polish is my favourite, and is only £1.99 :)

Go forth and embrace dark lips. 


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