Monday, 13 April 2015

Clinique POP colour + primer: review

From the makers of some of my favourite lipsticks (soft matte!) come 16 new lipsticks that are packaged a bit like sweeties and pretty much promise to do everything I've ever wanted. Yes, I obviously bought two. I'm not even a little bit sorry, because they have been living in my bag since and are the best Spring lip release I've seen. I am obviously talking about the Clinique pop colour and primer lipsticks. 

Clinique POP colour + primer: review

I was obviously really into orange in the particular instant I bought them - Melon Pop and Poppy pop came home with me. Melon pop is literal perfection if you want something for everyday. It's glossy but not slippery, and the shade is not too nude/bright/pink/beige or anything. Amaazing. Poppy pop is the brighter & more fun shade - I wore this today and loved how spring-like it was. This one needs a liner more, and I check my teeth more, but still a good finish.

The formula on these is really, really nice. I wouldn't go for any brighter/darker shades because I think they can be a little too smudgey maybe, but these shades are ideal. They are saturated with pigment, so one swipe gives the colour you see below. They are creamy, moisturising and feel comfortable as long as you wear them. For a strict matte lover like myself, these have really pleasantly surprised me. Melon pop in particular - we've got a special thing going on, and I am obsessed. 

I'm not sure with the name - colour + primer. It's just a lipstick, and I failed to noticed anything particularly remarkable about them. The formula is nice in that is creamy and pigmented, but it's nothing AMAZING. They are really nice everyday lipsticks, and ones that I will use a lot, though. 

What do you think of the new range?

p.s. That black and white object in the background of the photo is my cat <3 p="">

Clinique POP colour + primer: review and swatches


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