Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A Home wishlist

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Just some innocent browsing, y'know. Finding little trinkets for the flat is definitely a good way to spend an hour or two... homeware is just one of my favourite things to look at. Maybe that means I'm a legit grown up? Or I like playing house. Who knows.

Skull bunting because skulls! I love skulls - I think they look nice! - and this sugar skull bunting is all kinds of pretty. I can see it now, draping over the top of the curtains and making things look so much more exciting.

This soap dish simply as cute as a soap dish can be.

This photo frame looks so lovely, and will almost definitely make any photo I put in it look amazing. I actually have a teeny tiny Moomin print that I think would look amazing in this.

Towels because... towels. These look so nice and fresh, and you always need towels, right?

Bluebell & Hyacinth reed diffuser - I smelt this in Oliver Bonas over the weekend and fell in love. So springy! I love reed diffusers as well, because then it's like room is constantly in a little bubble.

Lastly, another vase for all the flowers I must buy! 

Where are your favourite places to browse for home stuff?


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