Friday, 17 July 2015

NARS True Lip Crayon set.

NARS True Lip Crayon set

NARS True Lip Crayon set

NARS True Lip Crayon set

NARS True Lip Crayon set

NARS True Lip Crayon set provocative red

I'm not even going to try and justify this. It was obviously going to happen. I mean, you're talking to a huge fan of the NARS lip pencils and general makeup obsessive right now. You knew it was going to happen. I will add quickly that the set was the equivalent of 'buy one and a half and get one and a half free plus a fancy box...' Undeniable maths. 

The set, which I can't find online but saw very recently still in stock in Selfridges, contains three lip pencils, all in rich and bright shades.

Yu is a bright, blue based pink that I had been thinking about for a while. With bright pinks, matte is a winner for me because then it doesn't look too much like Barbie. Oh wait, matte is always a winner for me. This is a Satin finish from NARS, but it does massively stain the lips and last a really long time. Mmm. Added bonus, if someone asks what lipstick you're wearing you can say 'you' and it will oh-so creepy. 

Luxembourg is a pink red that makes me think of watermelons. A really juicy red, that will brighten your complexion easily. Another satin finish, but again this lasts for ages, feels comfortable and leaves a pretty stain behind on the lips. I could have sworn I already owned this, but I can't find it anywhere... not complaining. 

Lastly, the set exclusive - Provocative red. This is a matte finish, but actually feels the least matte in the three pencils. This is an easy red, a very grown up and chic red. It has enough brown in it to not be too bright, so perfect if you're scared of pillar box reds. A little bit of a brick red, this feels so elegant and I imagine someone in the 1940s wearing this - don't know why!

Are you a fan of NARS lip pencils - what's your favourite?


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