Friday, 4 September 2015

Makeup Forever ULTRA HD foundation.

makeup forever ultra hd foundation uk

I think the original makeup forever foundation is one of the most hyped foundations, and I have used and liked it. It's good for when you want your skin to look really smooth and almost a bit fake. The new ultra HD foundation has been designed to work well with new HD technologies on something scary called a 4K camera that is basically as realistic as you can get. I was so excited when Debenhams and Makeup Forever invited me down to get shade matched - a real pinch me moment - and then I had my makeup done and felt so fancy. Why don't I have a glam squad for everyday?

Essentially, this is aimed at a lot of people who aren't going to be on a 4K camera so what you want to take away from it is that this is a foundation designed to look natural on the skin. 

It does look natural on the skin. As in, you can't massively see it but your skin looks much nicer. It's a medium coverage that also manages to make your skin look healthy - it's not going to make your skin look fake. It leans towards being dewy and managed to keep my skin moisturised - perfect for dry skins. Like most foundations, I find it best for me when applied used a damp beauty blender. It blends quickly and then just looks like skin.

When used with a primer, the oiliness is manageable. Nothing can stop my shiny nose, so it needs a touch up with powder towards the end of the day. 

You can find it here, via Debenhams! :) I am the shade  Y215.

makeup forever ultra hd foundation uk


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