Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Sunday Riley Blue Moon cleansing balm: First Impressions.

When I posted my Space NK haul last week (you can read all about that here), I got quite a few questions about one item in particular - the Sunday Riley Blue Moon tranquility cleansing balm. I've been using it everyday since I got and wanted to give my initial musings. Not a full review, mind. I think you can't really tell if anything has made a difference to your skin in under a month. 

OK, so Sunday Riley is vastly overhyped in the blogging world - expensive as well. I think the oils are nice, but not worth the price tag. The Emma Hardie oil, for example, is literally less than half price and one of the best I've tried. 

The balm though. It's blue and it's thick and it's balmy. It's quite solid to the touch, but once you warm it up and manage to scoop some out it melts really nice. You do have to sort of ram your fingers in quite hard - um, how do I say this in a non-graphic way - to get some product out. It doesn't feel like a slippery oil, but instead has some teeny tiny grains almost. It's not rough at all on the skin, though. Once it's on I tend to spend about 2 minutes just massaging my skin and rubbing it in - it gets rid of eye makeup and doesn't leave a film on the eyes which is always good. 

According to the Space NK website, it has blue tansy oil, chamomile, beeswax, cocoa butter, moringa butter and vanilla essential oils. Rich and decadent, but it doesn't leave your skin feeling heavy. I think you do feel a slight softness/residue after you flannel it off, but I like that for my dry skin because then I get none of the dreaded post-cleanse skin tightness.

The smell is one of the best bits - it smells incredible. Like brown sugar and then something a little more herbal. Mm, it is one of those lovely cleansers that manages to make you feel relaxed when using it - Blue Moon is an apt name. 

This is going to be the one for dry and dehydrated skins. It leaves my skin so so soft afterwards, and feeling nourished.

Shall we check back in when I've managed to finish it? :) You can get it from Space NK exclusively here.


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